Teleport EP

by Audace

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Release Date: 02/26/2011
# Tracks: 8
Duration: 00:23:32
Distribution: Believe Digital
Label: Inductive
Artwork by Justin Sereni
Explicit Lyrics: Yes
All tracks mastered by XLII at the FUBAR cave-Tokyo

Inductive Goes From Phantom to Star Burst Collision With the Launch of the Label`s First Release; Teleport EP

On February 19, 2011 The Tokyo based music label Inductive will release their first project, the Teleport EP. Inductive embarks on a mission to globally advance listeners` music experience by combining eccentric lyrics with esoteric sounds. Bearing this mission in mind, Inductive unleashed the Teleport EP which is a futuristic fusion of electro hip-hop resonance, as the vanguard to advance the label`s galactic domination.

The Teleport EP is comprised of 7 tracks. The theme of the EP is a journey into the future of sound and lyrics thru space. Audace deliberately crafts each track as a progression in teleported space travel. He says ‘I want to take the listeners from ground zero and beam them out through the vastness of the intergalactic‘. He goes on to say ‘Each track is a phase of the journey which is represented by the title of the track. Each track was methodically planned and place to keep the listeners plugged into the theme and advancing into the depths of the unknown‘. From the intro the Teleport EP wires the listeners up for a break from the norm. Audace blends the the Teleport EP with edgy space sonic sounds accompanied by down tempo `orbital
lounge` music. In addition he splashes the title tracks with sith twisting mayhem courtesy Xlii and Chiba Chemist aka Zitface Clone. He concludes the Teleport EP with an astro-funk club hopping track.


released 19 February 2011



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Audace 東京都, Japan

Audace(which is french for audacity) rocks the name with a causal cool demeanor that is misleading in comparison to his fearless approach to formulating /mixing any and all genres of music into a set that gives Audace a unique appeal and distinct signature, making his stage/live show performances an experience in the ecstasy of rock, ruckus and rhyme. ... more

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